Relaxation & Indulgence

Enjoy our pool and wellness area, the water is about 28°C and our pool is lit from 07.00 until 22.00
Sauna and steam bath are switched on upon request, just tell us when you want to take your wellness break!


Michael offers the following massages

  • Foot reflex massage: for muscle tension, headaches and migraine
  • Full massage: for stress, tension, increasing well-being
  • Partial and sports massage: for spinal column and joint problems
  • Connective tissue massage: for circulatory problems and signs of paralysis
  • Manual lymph drainage: for oedema in the arms and legs, swelling after operations, sprains, stress


30 minutes: € 39.00
40 minutes: € 43.00
50 minutes: € 47.00


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