About Corona: (legal until end of june 2021)

You need to fill out the registration BEFORE entering austria, please do so here: (Pre-Travel-Clearance) (

the „3-G-rule“ limits access to vaccinated, tested or recovered guests only!

  • Testet:
  • negativ PCR- Test (valid for 72 hours)
  • negativ antigen test (valid for 48 hours)
  • self test (antigen) with registration at an official database  (valid for 24 hours – free possibility at the hotel starting with june
  • if test is taken under supervision of qualified hotel staff, valid for 48 hours) –
  • self test at the hotel or restaurant: valid only for this one visit and only for the facility where you got tested.

Please have your documents ready for border control and check in.

Prevention of guest groups and reduction of contact time:

We litteraly stand for personal holiday, but in this times one must question old habbits..

due to the corona pandemic and some new laws, to reduce spreading the virus we took steps to help minimize the danger of infection:

self check-in
  • possibility of online check-in . (follow link or scan QR-code)
  • tablet device for self check in at the hotel – for late check-in or if you are not having a mobile device.
  • If all data was providet at the online check-in you can get your room cards at the hotel without any further delay.
  • we can use the existing data from your last stay, for returning guests.

Please be aware: preventing infections and to become a K1 Person (First level contact) in case of a corona infection is very important for us in order to keep up our business!

You may contact us anyday (until about 23.00) via telephon, this should be the prefered way of contacting us, even at the reception opening time. For information about the suroundings and other facilities, please see our website or many different folders at the public areas.

Working togheter for a safe and relaxing space for your holiday wishes! Thank you for your help and your understanding.

Claudia & Andreas Thaler